“That’s great news!” “Brilliant. Thanks so much” “Brill news!” “How exciting to have won such a wonderful prize!”

The Midsummer MegaRaffle draw was held on 30 June. It has been a pleasure to offer people the chance to win one of the great prizes as well as supporting the campaign. 102 people bought tickets and a splendid £1,000 was raised. Thank you to everyone who joined in. Here are the winners. We congratulate them all:

Spitfire / Messerschmitt simulator experience Chris Barrow

Spa Day at Champneys Mark Webb

Chequers meal        Carolyn Rooth

Go Ape tickets     Beryl Hunter

Go Ape tickets Damien Campbell

Presentation bottle of gin Eric Green

John Lewis Vouchers  Linda Sanders

Wine and Cheese hamper from No 2 Pound Street      Sue Mayhew

Croquet session Sue and Rex Horton

Bottle of Claret       Victoria Bye

National Gardens Gift Token       Beth Adams

Two bottles of Fizz                     Jo White    

100 people, 300 tickets!

HFAG wanted people to have some fun, so we launched the Midsummer MegaRaffle. Some big prizes, with a theme of enjoying life in the summer.

By the end of the month, more than 100 people had bought almost 300 tickets. Tonight, they will find out who has won which prize.


And we thank everyone for joining in the fun, and helping HFAG funds into the bargain.

In the teeth of the evidence

Bucks Council have shown that they are deaf to evidence-based objections.  On 24 June 2021, Steve Bambrick, Service Director Planning and Environment signed a document giving outline planning permission to the Hampden Fields Consortium to proceed with building the new estate.  

The latest legal challenges from Hampden Fields Action Group?  Ignored.

Objections running to many pages from the NHS Buckinghamshire Healthcare Trust and the local Clinical Commissioning Group, clearly stating that the proposed health centre will not meet the needs of the new patients?  “Nothing to see here, folks, move along please.”

A draft Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan that is still undergoing examination and of which Hampden Fields would form an essential part?   BC have simply parked a large tank on the Inspector’s lawn.

Transport issues still unanswered after years?  Ignored.

Even the Weston Turville Parish Council’s request for some local funding has been turned down as if it had no merit.

The HFAG Committee are meeting early next week to consider where we go from here.

A bad day at your office, Mr Bambrick.

Our Midsummer MegaRaffle is live!

Now summer is here, let’s have some fun. HFAG has organised a Midsummer Mega-Raffle to give you the chance to win some great prizes while also helping our campaign funds.  

Fancy flying a Spitfire simulator for an hour, duelling against an opponent in a Messerschmitt?  What about a relaxing Spa day with a friend at Champneys?  Or a delicious meal for two at The Chequers?  Taking your kids up into the trees at Go Ape in Wendover Woods? Shopping at John Lewis?  Buying something for the garden?  (Where you could also enjoy a rather special presentation bottle of gin.)  Or you could win a No 2 Pound Street wine and cheese hamper for a summer picnic. 

Tickets to enter for the Megaraffle are £5.  Just call Chris Webbley on 07850 899 447 or email him at chris.webbley@btinternet.com.

Thanks for your support, and good luck!

Chris Webbley (Organiser)

Bucks Council now facing a legal challenge

If Bucks Council thought Hampden Fields was a done deal, they’re having to think again.

On 27 May they received a three-page letter from our solicitors raising no fewer than 14 ‘potential legal errors’ and ‘multiple serious concerns’ about the application.  Citing the proposed contributions for education and healthcare, the letter focuses on problems with the plans for transport, both public and private, and the legality of the whole Travel Plan brought forward by the developer.  The legal arguments were strongly aided by a recent report from our professional transport consultants.  We and our solicitors await a response.

It is the contributions from the Action Group’s many supporters that enable us to take heavyweight action like this. Developers have deep pockets, as we all know, but access to law does reduce that imbalance. Of course, that costs money and we are continuing to raise funds, for example via the crowdfunding appeal currently running. By carefully targeting how we spend those funds, we can make the biggest possible impact. 

Thank you for your ongoing support.  The campaign continues!   

Amanda, Chris, Glynn, John, Peter, Phil, Roger and Tony

Healthcare and other issues: an update

Phil Yerby spoke up at the Vale Plan hearing on 13 April. Since then, he and the rest of the HFAG Committee have continued their work on several important topics on behalf of the community.

We are monitoring the progress — or lack of it — regarding the Woodlands development, still subject to a flooding objection by the Environment Agency.  The latest, lengthy draft ’Section 106’ agreement for Hampden Fields has raised some serious questions: we are pursuing them. We have also made two Freedom of Information Act requests about the transport plans affecting the whole of this area.  

But our sharpest concerns are about healthcare. The NHS told the Council what facilities would be needed to serve the huge patient increase from all the proposed developments in Weston Turville, Aston Clinton, Stoke Mandeville and Bierton. But the current offer in the Hampden Fields agreement falls far short of that. That is worrying and needs attention, not least by our elected representatives.   

HFAG argues our case at Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan public hearing

On 13 April, Phil Yerby of HFAG together with our Transport Consultant appeared before the government inspector examining the VALP. The session was to examine Bucks Council’s policy and plans for transport, which have been heavily contested by HFAG ever since the draft Plan emerged in 2017.

The hearing lasted more than three hours.  If you watched the webcast, you would have seen a strong team put forward a strong case and often challenge the Council on what we regard as their weak evidence base.

The Inspector will now consider his assessment in the forthcoming weeks and draft a final report to the Council regarding whether the Plan can be found to be ‘sound’.

We have made a good case but everything is now over to him.

The Campaign Continues

Ahead of the 13 April public hearing on the transport policy of the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan, we are continuing to work hard on our case to put before the Inspector. As usual, we are getting invaluable help from the independent transport consultancy who was engaged throughout this and our other cases.

This has been made easier by the generous donations made by supporters, so thank you. 

If you wish to support our ongoing work, our JustGiving page is still open.  Please go to this page.  

We appreciate your help.

One meeting leads to three, plus a bonus

After the Strategic Sites Committee met to — wrongly in our view — give a following wind to Hampden Fields, it was our turn.

Step 1 was for the HFAG Committee to meet to review the SSC discussion and agree our next steps. Done.

Two more meetings have been arranged to review the decision. As before, our professional advisers will play an important part.

And, since we really like meetings, HFAG is also registered to speak at the Inspector’s public hearing on Transport in the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan on April 13th. The independent transport consultant who did such a fine job last time (in 2018!) will be assisting us again.

Surprise? Not really.

The Bucks Council Strategic Sites Committee today voted unanimously to approve the Hampden Fields application. This, despite Councillors expressing concerns over no money allocated to hospital healthcare, volumes of construction traffic at the same time that HS2 HGVs may be using the A413, coalescence, lack of any marketing strategy with regards to who will be purchasing the houses, 5000 objections, a lack of effective dialogue with the WT Parish Council, the forecast volume of traffic on the road (~ 45,000 per day) through the new development…

As this was one of the possible outcomes, we will now action our next steps. 

Stay in touch with the news on this site.

The campaign continues!

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