Summer update

As many of you will know from conversations with committee members, the campaign to seek to get better planning for Aylesbury has now run to its end. Our invitation from the latest public meeting to get involved sadly did not attract a response. So the committee decided that it was time to retire and is no longer operating.

HFAG Ltd, the company set up as the foundation for our activities on your behalf, is going to be wound up once all liabilities have been cleared. This should happen before the end of 2022. We are grateful to everyone who contributed funds to help us clear our debts, including all the committee members and others, who have given substantial donations. We appreciate it.

A while back, the developer told us that there would be some news about the health centre before long. At the time of writing, we have not heard anything. If we do, while the website is still operating, we will post the information here.

Finally, just because the formal campaign, committee and company are coming to an end, this does not debar anyone from keeping a close eye on proposals for the Hampden Fields and Woodlands estates. Reserved matters — these are the details beneath the outline planning approval — still need to go through the planning process, and you will have a chance to express your views.

Best wishes,

Chris Webbley, Chairman and Director of HFAG Ltd

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