It was off to London for the HFAG committee, supporters and our small legal team on Wednesday and Thursday this week.  

The Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, London

On Wednesday our barrister Jack Parker set out our claim for judicial review to the judge, Dame Justice Lang at the Royal Courts of Justice.  He was followed by the QC for the Council, who finished her defence statement the following morning.  Next up was the QC for the developer Taylor Wimpey UK.  The proceedings ended on Thursday afternoon with a substantial response from Jack.

So, how did it go?  And what happens next? 

We’re glad to say we were very happy with our barrister’s performance. Both opening and closing our case, he showed a real command of the brief and an ability to challenge statements made by the other side. Not so easy, when you’re up against two hotshot QCs and a supporting barrister — the other side are really throwing a LOT of resource into this, which is a tribute to how seriously they view our case.  And we thought Dame Justice Lang gave a fair hearing to both sides, including extending the second day so as to give our barrister enough time to complete his submission. 

But of course, a case is not just about the performances on the day.  It will be for the judge to decide on the merits of our case taking account of what she heard but also of what she will have read from us and from the Council and developer.  Our solicitor advises that we can expect her judgment some weeks from now.  As soon as we hear, we will naturally let you know.

Excellent, close collaboration between all committee members and our legal team has been a feature throughout, from preparing the claim in great detail to its final delivery on the day. Another especially pleasing aspect this week was the company of HFAG supporters Pete Shaw and David Harrington.  

The local community was right there in Court Room 18.   


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  1. Repeated appreciation and profound thanks to those of you who have put such long hours of hard graft into this. Let’s hope the court sees sense!! THANK YOU!


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