Our case comes to court

Tomorrow (23 Feb) HFAG brings its claim for Judicial Review to the High Court. Our barrister will be making the case that Buckinghamshire Council acting unlawfully when its Strategic Sites Committee decided to give outline planning permission to the Hampden Fields development last year.

The specific area of concern is the vital one of healthcare provision. The Hampden Fields estate would be so large (3,300 dwellings) that it would generate some 7,000 extra people needing GP and hospital care. The Council and developer Taylor Wimpey have been strongly criticised by the two NHS bodies who are responsible for ensuring that adequate facilities are available to cope with that extra demand.

The case will be heard before Dame Justice Beverley Lang DBE at at the Royal Courts of Justice in London. HFAG committee members John Benjamin, Peter Chilman, Chris Webbley, Glynn White and Phil Yerby will be there, together with HFAG supporters David Harrington and Peter Shaw.

Dame Justice Lang’s judgement will be made some time after the hearing. We will of course let you know as soon as we receive it.

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  1. Please also ensure that Tames Water have the capacity at the local sewage treatment works to facilitate the development in addition to the other new dwellings or more raw sewage will. be going into our local rivers an waterways .


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