You Did It!!

Dear Supporter, WHAT A REMARKABLE RESULT – £38,000 in SEVEN DAYS.
We put out a ‘last ditch’ request to raise what we thought would be unachievable – a minimum of £35,000 in seven days. After 11 years, who could blame anyone for apathy setting in against a developer with a bottomless pit of money and a council/elected representatives who stopped listening or caring years ago.

Well the bottom line is you have not given up – this is how you raised the money:

Phil Yerby Just Giving Page = £26,975
Cheques/direct donations = £5,537.50
Matched donation in last 24 hours (up to £5,000) = £5,000

Total = £37,512.50

We had over 300 individual donations from £5 to £5,000 – they ALL made a difference so thank you to everyone who was moved to donate – many of them completely anonymously.  Whilst donations were of course concentrated around the development they also came from further around Aylesbury and in fact, from around the country.

We are not alone, many other resident groups feel unrepresented by local councils who pay lip service to any objection, impose these developments and then simply blame central Government. Having been put down for years with the “Nimby” label and the over simplified  “We need houses!” argument, people are beginning to find a voice – and you have given yours a very good chance of being heard! 

We have already spent a considerable amount of time with our legal team – hence the slightly later update for which we apologise – and we formally served papers on the Council last Friday, 16th July. 

The council have until 29th July to respond and we will keep you posted and publish all documents on our website. 

Thank you once again – this was an amazing and quite humbling community effort!

Best Wishes

The HFAG team

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