In the teeth of the evidence

Bucks Council have shown that they are deaf to evidence-based objections.  On 24 June 2021, Steve Bambrick, Service Director Planning and Environment signed a document giving outline planning permission to the Hampden Fields Consortium to proceed with building the new estate.  

The latest legal challenges from Hampden Fields Action Group?  Ignored.

Objections running to many pages from the NHS Buckinghamshire Healthcare Trust and the local Clinical Commissioning Group, clearly stating that the proposed health centre will not meet the needs of the new patients?  “Nothing to see here, folks, move along please.”

A draft Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan that is still undergoing examination and of which Hampden Fields would form an essential part?   BC have simply parked a large tank on the Inspector’s lawn.

Transport issues still unanswered after years?  Ignored.

Even the Weston Turville Parish Council’s request for some local funding has been turned down as if it had no merit.

The HFAG Committee are meeting early next week to consider where we go from here.

A bad day at your office, Mr Bambrick.

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