Bucks Council now facing a legal challenge

If Bucks Council thought Hampden Fields was a done deal, they’re having to think again.

On 27 May they received a three-page letter from our solicitors raising no fewer than 14 ‘potential legal errors’ and ‘multiple serious concerns’ about the application.  Citing the proposed contributions for education and healthcare, the letter focuses on problems with the plans for transport, both public and private, and the legality of the whole Travel Plan brought forward by the developer.  The legal arguments were strongly aided by a recent report from our professional transport consultants.  We and our solicitors await a response.

It is the contributions from the Action Group’s many supporters that enable us to take heavyweight action like this. Developers have deep pockets, as we all know, but access to law does reduce that imbalance. Of course, that costs money and we are continuing to raise funds, for example via the crowdfunding appeal currently running. By carefully targeting how we spend those funds, we can make the biggest possible impact. 

Thank you for your ongoing support.  The campaign continues!   

Amanda, Chris, Glynn, John, Peter, Phil, Roger and Tony

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