Healthcare and other issues: an update

Phil Yerby spoke up at the Vale Plan hearing on 13 April. Since then, he and the rest of the HFAG Committee have continued their work on several important topics on behalf of the community.

We are monitoring the progress — or lack of it — regarding the Woodlands development, still subject to a flooding objection by the Environment Agency.  The latest, lengthy draft ’Section 106’ agreement for Hampden Fields has raised some serious questions: we are pursuing them. We have also made two Freedom of Information Act requests about the transport plans affecting the whole of this area.  

But our sharpest concerns are about healthcare. The NHS told the Council what facilities would be needed to serve the huge patient increase from all the proposed developments in Weston Turville, Aston Clinton, Stoke Mandeville and Bierton. But the current offer in the Hampden Fields agreement falls far short of that. That is worrying and needs attention, not least by our elected representatives.   

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