12 congested junctions to go halfway round the town? Some ‘ring road’ !

An independent transport consultancy recently examined Aylesbury’s transport plans in great depth. Amongst the many flaws and weaknesses they found, this one stood out for us:
“A driver approaching Aylesbury on the A418 near Bierton will have to navigate about 12 junctions to traverse the town on the ‘ring road’ and reach the A418 to the south west. Bucks Council’s own traffic modelling shows that the driver would encounter congestion at many of the junctions …”

So, in practice, many drivers might choose to stay on the existing roads through the centre of town…

Which means that the ££££m to build the ‘ring road’ will have had little or no benefit…

Which is what HFAG are telling the Inspector currently examining the Vale Local Plan VALP.

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