7 Key Questions to Raise about Woodlands

Bucks Council have invited your comments on the Woodlands application 16/01040/AOP. Here are seven key questions we have identified. Please choose any that you feel strongly about, and send your comment in. (Use your own words, please — the Council disregards obvious ‘copy and paste’ campaigns.)  

You can use the ‘Make a Comment’ button on the planning webpage at [https://publicaccess.aylesburyvaledc.gov.uk](https://publicaccess.aylesburyvaledc.gov.uk/) or send an email to [devcon@aylesburyvaledc.gov.uk](mailto:devcon@aylesburyvaledc.gov.uk) . The reference to use is 16/01040/AOP and your reply needs to reach them by the end of Monday 4th!

Questions for Buckinghamshire Council about Woodlands: 

1) Do they think it would be right to allow building on this land, 38% of which lies on a flood plain?

2) Sports facilities here will require ‘flood evacuation procedures’ to be in place. What makes the Council think anyone might be willing to invest in building and running such facilities?

3) If the Council let the Woodlands developer get away with 20% affordable housing (not 30% as their policy requires), what will they say to developers on other large sites who seek to do the same?

4) Is the reduction in affordable housing a sign that Woodland is not financially viable?

5) The Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan is still being examined by a government inspector. Would it be right to grant planning permission here before that is completed?

6) How confident are they in the traffic plans that are part of this application? Completely confident? Very? Fairly? Not very? Not at all?

7) Thames Water wrote just days ago that the water and sewerage network will not be able to handle what is proposed here. What does this say about a developer who has been working on this application for more than four years?

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