URGENT: Campaign for SoS Call-In of Hampden Fields

URGENT: Campaign for Secretary of State Call-In of Hampden Fields
Dear Supporter,

You will no doubt have heard and seen that Bucks Council (formerly AVDC) have published thousands of pages of new information supporting four separate MAJOR planning applications for Hampden Fields, Woodlands, the South East Aylesbury Link Road and the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan modifications. The task to examine this information is simply immense and the timeframe for responding to these is very tight in the extreme, the first one being as early as January 4th 2021. 

The Action Group Committee will be working flat out over the Christmas period to try and get a strong response into the Council. However, given the size and complexity of FOUR major applications we no longer believe we have the time, resources or money to do this anything like as effectively as we have done in the past facing just one, or even sometimes two, applications. PLEASE WRITE TO ROB BUTLER MP

Email: rob.butler.mp@parliament.uk
Rather than spend your entire Christmas (believe us it would take that long) trying to sift through 1000’s of pages we would like you to write to our new MP, Rob Butler, and ask for an Independent Planning Inquiry into the Hampden Fields Application. To give it its technical name we are asking for a Secretary of State Call In

There are 6 key issues:

1) The Council is riding roughshod over the Secretary of State’s 2015 decision to reject this almost identical application
2) The traffic volumes in Aylesbury are now higher than in 2015 and the proposed partial link road does not provide enough relief to this Air Quality Management Area
3) The proposal joins together Aylesbury, Stoke Mandeville and Weston Turville into one homogenous mass of housing.
4) Bucks Council has lost any sense of objectivity as they are so keen to push through their plan for 16,000 houses around Aylesbury that they are ignoring the problems this will cause.
5) What was previously described as a “critical” full Ring Road has now been abandoned. Now only a partial link road around the South of the town remains.  
6) No matter what the decision is regarding the Local Plan we still strongly feel that the specific Hampden Fields application needs proper objective scrutiny from the Secretary of State. 

Finally, as mentioned we will be scrutinising the application and we will get back to you early in the New Year to give you a chance of being able to respond to the Council in time.

We wish you a very happy Christmas – 2021 will mark the ELEVENTH YEAR of our campaign.

We appreciate your support, including your email to our MP at this time (please copy us in if you can at info@hfag.co.uk)

The HFAG Committee

Amanda, Chris, Glynn, John, Peter and Phil 

ps: Sign up for regular updates on our website www.hfag.net

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