“Additional work and delay” caused by AVDC and BCC

After years of assuring developers and Councillors that BCC’s traffic modelling was robust, AVDC Planning have now admitted that a new ‘Aylesbury Transport model 2020’ has to be used instead.  This means that the traffic elements of the developments have to be re-done.  In her letter to developers dated 6 March, AVDC Corporate Planner Susan Kitchen admits that she appreciates “this will inevitably result in additional work and delay.”  Environmental Statements will also have to be reviewed and where necessary reworked.

HFAG have argued that the traffic modelling was flawed all along. We have made the point strongly at every public hearing .  

We have already started work to scrutinise the new model and will challenge any weaknesses that we find. 

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  1. Dear Hampden Fields Action Group

    On ‘The Aylesbury Grapevine’ Facebook page this morning is a post from someone who has photographed a page from a National Newspaper today. The poster has written ‘’Just about sums up Aylesbury traffic up, saw this today in national newspaper’’. The newspaper page photographed illustrates a graph headed up ‘’UK’s worst cities for traffic jams’’… and 8th on the list is Aylesbury under: London, Belfast, Bristol, Edinburgh, Manchester, Cardiff and Lincoln.

    Aylesbury is not a city and I cannot ascertain if this is ‘fake news’ (though it doesn’t look to be) as the poster does not say which paper it comes from. However, if the article is genuine then this is more evidence of the traffic chaos in Aylesbury.

    I thought I would bring this to your attention.

    Kind regards

    Jennifer Kruppa

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    1. Thank you, Jennifer. No, it is not fake news. Aylesbury was rated 6th worst for congestion a year or so back, so I’m not surprised at its ranking now. The key point is that this does NOT mean that the two councils’ idea of a ring road will solve that problem. A ring road deals with journeys that start outside the centre and end outside the centre — truly, ‘through traffic’. The only figures published so far are that 80% or more of trips need to start or end in the town. So, although there is obviously some genuine through traffic, most of the journeys will not be eased by a ring road. Especially when the price to be paid for the new roads is the 16,000 new houses that developers will be allowed to build in and around the town so that the councils get the money to build the roads. Work out how many extra trips per day will be generated by 16,000 new households.

      In 2015, the planning inspector and Secretary of State threw out the proposal for ‘Hampden Fields’ because of the impact such a large estate would have on town centre traffic congestion. We have seen no evidence that the new plans (mostly the same old plans, in fact) would be any better. Unless that changes, the campaign continues!

      Thanks for your interest.


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